Learn How to Bake Bread With 3 Master Chefs

Release Date:- 2016-05-25

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Author:- Panna Cooking



In this course, you'll master three fundamental types of bread:

1. Quick bread, made with baking soda instead of yeast 

2. Biscuit dough, using a technique borrowed from croissant making

3. Dinner rolls, made with yeast

You'll get the recipes, of course—but you'll also learn how to:

1. Laminate, or fold, dough in order to create exceptionally flaky layers

2. Activate yeast, including the ideal water temperature for letting it bloom

3. Mix wet and dry ingredients together 

4. Proof dough and let it rise, without developing a dry crust on top 

5. Make bread ahead of time and freeze for later

And most importantly, you can rest assured you're learning from three of the very best chefs to ever wield a rolling pin:

Nancy Silverton is the founder of La Brea Bakery, which now ships breads around the world, as well as the chef/owner of Osteria Mozza, Pizzeria Mozza and Mozza to Go in Los Angeles. Once, on an episode of Baking with Julia, she baked a brioche tart so good, it made Julia Child cry.

Hugh Acheson is a judge on Top Chef and the owner of numerous restaurants across Georgia. 

Sean Brock was named Best Chef in the Southeast by the James Beard Foundation. He is the chef/owner of Husk in Charleston and at partner at McCrady's, as well as a notable advocate of the South's culinary heritage.