DIY tools and Basics

Release Date:- 2022-07-28

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Author:- Robert Carrasco



You will be presented with basic tools that are necessary for starting a DIY business or DIY projects around the house. This course will take you through the basic names or each tool along with their best use cases. You will be presented with 7 of the most common and most used tools in any handyman tool bag. Most of the tools mentioned in this video are cordless but the information gathered in this course can be used for corded tools as well. At the end of the calls you will be presented with all the tools for which we have reviewed and asked to give their name. Furthermore we will drive into the different battery options available for each tool and best use cases for different battery styles and sizes. Once completed with the course you will have a better understanding of the tools their functions. With a better understanding of the tools you will be able to walk into hardware stores and know the differences in tool mentioned in this course along with what tools you will be need for the particular job you will be performing. Once the course is completed you will have a better understanding of the tools required to complete many jobs in and around a home.