Cryptocurrency Mastery: Crypto Trading Course for Beginners

Release Date:- 2022-05-19

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Author:- Abbas Raza



Welcome to the most comprehensive and complete cryptocurrency trading course. Would you like to become Crypto Pro Trader and go from beginner to expert level in cryptocurrency trading? If yes, then you have made the right choice. This course is designed by me, Cryptocurrency Instructor, Youtuber, and Top-rated content writer on Upwork (Blockchain, Crypto, Metaverse, Web 3.0, NFTs, and Finance).

"A little knowledge is too dangerous than no knowledge". A very small amount of knowledge about cryptocurrency can make people falsely believe that they are experts in crypto trading. But the complexity involved in cryptocurrency (Whale's Manipulation, Price Volatility, inability to identify good projects, consistently crypto shilling) can wash out your account completely. This course is an ultimate guide to cryptocurrency and will teach you everything about cryptocurrency.

After completing this course, you will be able to make an informed decision, enhance your crypto trading skills, increase your earnings, reduce your unnecessary losses, and eliminate the knowledge gap. The content that we will cover in this cryptocurrency Mastery course:

Chapter 01: Cryptocurrency Types & Categories

In this chapter, you will learn about the various types of cryptocurrency, their use cases, functionality, future growth potential, & Price prediction. There are more than 19,000 thousand cryptocurrencies that existed in the crypto market but more than 90% of projects are shit projects. This chapter will save you from throwing your money into the shit projects, and you will be able to identify 100x projects with high accuracy.

Lecture 01: Store of Value Cryptocurrency

Lecture 02: Smart Contract Cryptocurrency

Lecture 03: Exchange Tokens

Lecture 04: Oracle Cryptocurrency

Lecture 05: Payment Cryptocurrency

Lecture 06: Stablecoins

Lecture 07: Privacy Cryptocurrency

Lecture 08: Meme Tokens

Lecture 09: Blockchain Trilemma (Basic Concept)

Chapter 02: Tokenomics

Tokenomics make a particular cryptocurrency valuable and interested to investors. It involves studying token supply and demand characteristics. This chapter will help to understand the Token supply of any cryptocurrency, to identify 100 x gems before anyone sees them, and to identify shit projects or Ponzi within a few seconds.

Lecture 01: What is Tokenomics?

Lecture 02: Price & Marketcap Correlation

Lecture 03: Difference between Coin & Token

Lecture 04: Pre-mined & Fair Launch Token

Lecture 05: Token Supply (Maximum, Total, & Circulating Supply)

Lecture 06: Token Burning Mechanism

Lecture 07: Inflationary & Deflationary cryptocurrency

Lecture 08: Which cryptocurrency has a Good Tokenomics?

Lecture 09: Vesting Schedule

Chapter 03: Fundamental Analysis

This chapter will help to understand the Fundamental analysis of any cryptocurrency, enhance your profit, broader you’re perspective about the project long–term sustainability, growth potential, prices hike, & news or upcoming development impact on project health.

Lecture 01: What is Fundamental Analysis?

Lecture 02: How to effectively read Whitepaper?

Lecture 03: How to validate the project team?

Lecture 04: Price, Trading volume, & Community Size correlation?

Lecture 05: How to check upcoming project development?

Lecture 06: How to properly analyze exchange listing?

Lecture 07: How to avoid crypto scams?

Lecture 08: Which crypto influencers to follow on Twitter?

Chapter 04: On-chain Analysis

This chapter will help to understand on-chain analysis, use blockchain analytics to identify upcoming price movement in advance, examine transaction activities to find out the demand for any token, & get 100x gems before anyone sees them.

Lecture 01: What is On-Chain Analysis?

Lecture 02: Importance of On-Chain Analysis?

Lecture 03: Indicator: Number of active addresses

Lecture 04: Indicator: Exchange balance

Lecture 05: Indicator: Total Hashrate

Lecture 06: Indicator: Stablecoin Supply Ratio

Lecture 07: Indicator: Total Liquidation

Lecture 08: How to use Blockchain Explorer?

Lecture 09: Use Etherscan & BscScan to identify the Top Holder?

Chapter 05: Technical Analysis – Part (A)

This chapter will help you to use various Technical indicators, Charting patterns, Japanese Candlestick patterns, & profitable crypto trading strategies to estimate and predict the price of any cryptocurrency in the near future. It will increase your earnings by 10X – 15X.

Lecture 01: How to select cryptocurrency pair?

Lecture 02: How to select the best exchange for trading?

Lecture 03: How to select coins for trading?

Lecture 04: How to use Limit Order?

Lecture 05: How to use Stop Loss?

Chapter 06: Technical Analysis – Part (B)

This chapter will help to understand various charting patterns and increase your trade winning probability.

Lecture 01: How to trade support & resistance level?

Lecture 02: How to trade Trendline?

Lecture 03: How to trade Price Channel?

Lecture 04: Rising & Falling Wedge Patterns

Lecture 05: Double Top & Double Bottom Patterns

Lecture 06: Bearish & Bullish Head and Shoulders Patterns

Lecture 07: Bearish & Bullish Rectangle Patterns

Lecture 08: Ascending & Descending Triangle Patterns

Lecture 09: Bullish & Bearish Flag Patterns

Lecture 10: Bullish & Bearish Pennants Patterns

Lecture 11: Symmetrical Triangle patterns

Chapter 07: Technical Analysis – Part (C)

This chapter will help you to understand the various candlestick patterns to predict the price movement & price volatility, and increase your trade winning probability.

Lecture 01: What are Japanese candlesticks Patterns?

Lecture 02: Hammer & Hanging Man Patterns

Lecture 03: Inverted Hammer & Shooting Star

Lecture 04: Dragonfly Doji & Gravestone Doji

Lecture 05: Bullish & Bearish Engulfing Patterns

Lecture 06: Bullish $ Bearish Harami Patterns

Lecture 07: Tweezer Top & Bottom Patterns

Lecture 08: Three White Soldiers & Three Black Crows Patterns

Lecture 09: Bullish & Bearish Three line Strike Patterns

Lecture 10: Morning & Evening Star Patterns

Chapter 08: My Favorite Trading Strategies

Lecture 01: RSI and RSI Divergence Strategy

Lecture 02: Moving Average Strategy

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Conclusion: I have provided everything about cryptocurrency that you need to know. Then what are you waiting for? Enroll now and learn crypto trading and increase your earnings by 10X – 15X.