How to cook lentil and bean stews the Ayurvedic way at home

Release Date:- 2022-04-28

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Author:- MasalaMia Cooking School



Dear Friends, Welcome to my Online cooking school dedicated to plant based diet with Ayurvedic twist.

My first module is dedicated to LEGUMES ( lentils, beans, gram, peas) and gives step by step instructions on how to cook lentils and beans properly so that they are more digestible and become more bioavailable to the body. My life experience showed me that many people dont know how to cook them, especially people from the West, while people from the East use pressure cookers too often that destroy the nutrition value of legumes.  Soaking is very important step in preparing legumes, because this process removes phytic acid, and soaking helps germination which increases nutrition value of the dish. Its also important to learn in the course what kind of spices should be used in cooking lentils, because they do help digestion a great deal. Spices can be purchased on my website at masalamia  or you can find a whole bunch of free recipes on garam masalas online and grind them yourself. I strongly encourage you to grind our own spices rather than buying them in a store.

Incorporating legumes into your diet becomes essential to many vegetarians and vegans because its one of the best sources for vital protein along with minerals and vitamins. My course will teach you some tips on how to cook them in the best possible way so that you dont loose much of the nutrition value. So if you are considering becoming a vegetarian or vegan this course is very important for you. However if you just simply want to learn the best way to cook dals , this course is for you too.

On a separate note, lentils and beans are also important to our microbiome because they help to nourish good guys in the gut, by providing insoluble fiber and butyrate. So this course may give you another chance of falling in love with Legumes again.

Wish you a happy cooking