Cooking 101: Kitchen Basics to Advanced

Release Date:- 2022-01-31

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User Average Rating:- 114

Author:- James Makinson



This course is designed to help improve one's ability in the kitchen, whether you have little to no skill or years of cooking professionally.

What will you learn?

  • What Materials You Will Need

  • How to Hold and Sharpen a Knife

  • How to Make Soups

  • How to Butcher

  • What are Spices and Herbs?

  • Cooking Terminology and Practices

  • Making Stocks at Home

  • Introduction to Salad Dressings and Emulsifications

  • How to Fix a Split Dressing.

  • The Basics to cooking Meat

  • Cooking Temperatures

  • How Many Ways to Cook an Egg

  • How to Sear a Fish

  • And Much More!

With almost 5 hours of lessons, you will have the ability to cook fish, make emulsifications, show you how to Save Money when cooking at home.

Plus, any extra help that you may need, I would be more than happy to help you.

As I have helped many aspiring Chefs in many different countries with my career cooking internationally. If you are interested in learning more than just the basics of cooking, then this Course is for You!

I will attach several recipes with these lessons for the Stocks, Sauces, Dressings, Egg dishes, etc. I will also give you other videos that you may be interested in from my Youtube Channel. If you wish to make many more Delicious Recipes!