Cryptocurrency Trading 2023: Hands-On Crypto Trading Course

Release Date:- 2022-01-19

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Author:- Faiz Rasul



Do you want to learn cryptocurrency trading & become an expert in technical analysis? If so,  this crypto trading course will be the only course you'll ever need. This is basic through advanced course designed around my trading strategy to help you become a successful trader.

I am Faiz, an Engineer by professional but later chose crypto trading as a full-time job.

In this cryptocurrency trading course, you’ll be able to understand the lifecycle of bitcoin and altcoins. You’ll learn how the smart money (big Players/whales) invest and control the markets and how we can follow in their footsteps to make profitable trades with high risk to reward ratios.

You’ll also learn in detail how to scan the market and choose coins that are best to trade. I’ll teach you how to use the Elliot Wave technique and confidently take long or short positions by using my crypto trading technique.

I’ll share my complete crypto trading strategy step by step with live trade examples. I have also added a section of live trading that will be updated every month with the latest market analysis and live trade examples.

So if you are excited to start cryptocurrency trading professionally. Let’s get started.