Thai cooking course, The secret of Thai food by Chef Tao.

Release Date:- 2021-07-27

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Hello, I’m Chef Tao. I’m Thai and I love Thai food, so I would like to share the secret of Thai food with you. I will use my experiences to simplify of complexity Thai food for you cooking at home or even you have your own business. I will give you the recipes for learning the secret of Thai food with me in these Thai cooking online courses.


Pad Thai is Thailand's national dish, a dish consisting of rice noodles, tofu, shrimp, bean sprouts, and eggs. If it's made with meat, chicken and pork are some of the most popular choices. The flavors are an intricate combination of sweet, sour, and salty, with a well-balanced contrast of textures.


Papaya salad (Som tum) is a fantastic raw Thai salad often made of shredded unripe papaya, sliced tomatoes, raw yardlong beans, peanuts, dried mini shrimp, and fresh garlic. Sometimes we find shreds of carrots and green or purple cabbage to add a pop of color. A sweet, salty, tangy sauce made of sugar, lime juice, and fish sauce completes the dish.


Mango sticky rice. The classic Thai dessert known as khao niaow ma muang (mango sticky rice) is heavenly and scrumptious. Famously served at Thai restaurants throughout the world, the taste of this tropical rice pudding is irresistible.